Our proclamation of “Take Flight” has its roots in the founder’s background in the military and aviation industries. Its use is to reinforce the concepts of fuel for the day, energy to pick you up, speed of service and raising the coffee standards of a community.

We are a local, veteran-owned company, headed by a father and son team who both have worked in the coffee industry since 2010 in several markets of the U.S. and internationally.

Blackbird’s primary goal is to elevate the Miami coffee experience for those who drink the irresistible brew, by procuring high quality ingredients and premium-grade coffee beans sourced from some of the best farms around the globe. Our focus is on the folks who are on-the-go, looking for craft-level beverages typically found in the best coffeehouses, but conveyed from our fast, friendly and convenient drive thru facilities.

The Blackbird drive thru concept is based on the idea of allowing customers to drive into our store, stay in the comfort of their car, safely multi-task while we prepare their specialty drink and sending them on their way, within minutes, to their next destination.

We serve third-wave coffee which emphasizes a high quality, specialty grade (85+ points) green bean typically sourced from individual farms, in the best growing regions, from around the world. They are then roasted more lightly than the big, national coffee chains, to bring out their distinctive flavors. It’s Blackbird’s mission to introduce the Miami consumer to some of these great single country of origin coffees and blends.

About Blackbird - "Take Flight"

BLACKBIRD COFFEE & ENERGY  a drive-thru coffee service