The Blackbird Story


BLACKBIRD COFFEE & ENERGY  a drive-thru coffee service




Coffee's storied past has countless and colorful tales to tell. This particular one begins in Seattle, with its ubiquitous coffee culture, where the Hurley family was living, and witnessing first-hand the explosive growth of coffeehouses and drive thru coffee shops. It was there the intrigue and vision were formed.

While on a business trip to Guam in 2010, the senior Hurley noted an absence of the drive thru business model, and decided to seize the opportunity to bring the retail format to the island. It's on Guam they started their journey with coffee, that over a span of 7 years there, turned into 3 stores. 

With a return to the mainland U.S. in 2018, the father and son team ventured into the wholesale side of the coffee industry in the San Diego where they launched a craft coffee brewing operation. There, Blackbird Beverages focuses on a kegged beverages service to restaurants, bars, offices, apartment communities, convention centers, universities, hospitals, and amusement parks. 

The Hurley's coffee journey continued East when the dynamic growth and retail development opportunities in Miami caught their eye. In 2021, Blackbird Coffee & Energy was founded, and in October of 2022, the company introduced to Miami the first Blackbird drive thru with the opening of their flagship store at 14200 Biscayne Blvd in North Miami Beach.